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Official Site: www.predictiveaviation.com



Predictive Aviation Analytics software helps airlines avoid catastrophic crashes and imminent breakdowns. This saves passenger lives, improves airplane performance, and helps maintain on-time schedules while avoiding aircraft electronic failures that cause flight delays, diverts, and flight cancellations.

Predictive Aviation Analytics is the solution to this $40 billion annual problem. It is next generation disruptive technology because it immediately collects all in-flight sensor data plus Flight Data Recorder (FDR) information and analyzes all data “post-flight” whereas current antiquated systems flag problems only if a certain value exceeds a pre-programmed threshold.

It is considered “Intelligent Software” because it uses Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to enable the computer to “learn” from repeated usage. It analyzes data to learn “What is normal?”, and “What is a high probability component failure?” This feature can potentially save airlines thousands of dollars daily including millions in legal liability claims if a disaster occurs.

Key Benefits:AVIATION11

  • Reduces maintenance costs and reduces Cutting Controllable Maintenance delays by up to 42%.
  • In tests, Predictive Aviation Analytics diagnosed more potential problems then current maintenance systems by up to 70% using only 1.33% of available in-flight data.
  • No expensive avionics hardware installation necessary.
  • In-flight data is sent conveniently via mobile devices and uploaded onto central command servers via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, cellular networks, or satellite.
  • Reports pilot practices that may lead to engine or structural problems.
  • Reduces repair time by reducing traditional diagnostic.
  • Increases safety by reducing air emergencies through advanced notification.

Visit http://predictiveaviation.com website to learn more about this technology.

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Official Site: www.intelliroutertech.com


Intelli-link router technologies will pioneer the next great expansion of the web worldwide by solving Internet caching problems caused by the exponential growth of the Internet. Today, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) networks are experiencing the increased burden of information on the Internet backbone, networked routers, and their Internet servers. This causes problems in information accuracy, operating efficiency, and web traffic performance.

Intelli-link Router Technologies, Inc., has developed an intelligent caching system. It uses continually updated algorithms to process global data traffic faster and more efficiently by caching-routing forwarding table entries and managing Forwarding Information Base (FIB) size through minimal non-overlapping prefixes and other methods.

Key Benefits:                                                                                                                         IOINTELLILINK

Free up 94.64% of FIB memory size avoiding costly upgrades.

Tested and achieved a hit ratio higher than 99.95% using a cache size of just 20K
prefixes on a routing table of 372K prefixes.

Drastically increases performance with higher hit ratio.

ISPs can now enables faster growth and more web traffic.

Create more capacity with current hardware.

Decrease or eliminate need to upgrading routers.

Extend life of expensive line card memory modules

Reduces power usage.

Visit www.intelliroutertech.com to learn more about this Technology. Call to request access to the password-protected investor site.