Strength through Teamwork

Academic Technology Ventures draws on the unique strengths of its team members. We value and respect diversity in focus, capabilities, talent, and education. We skillfully use every team member to quickly grow businesses in an atmosphere of support and encouragement.
Our deep reservoir of talent in management, marketing, science, engineering, IT, medicine, and dozens of other fields allows us to take on technology with a wide range of applications. We have the resources and expertise to turn the technologies we license into profitable ventures.

Academic Technology Ventures is currently sponsoring research at five major universities. Our businesses include inventions in nanotechnology, transportation, construction, energy, medical, aviation, computers and more.

“At Academic Technology Ventures we simply love the challenge and excitement of launching new and meaningful technology companies.”
Corey Park
FOUNDER, Academic Tech Ventures

Academic Technology Ventures Links Innovative Research to Marketplace

Academic Technology Ventures thrives on discovering novel technologies and taking them to the marketplace. We are fueled by a passion to make the world a better place by bringing these inventions to life.

Everyone Wins

We encourage researchers, scientists and professors’ drive for creative freedom by starting tech companies from top research. These businesses dramatically improve our communities for generations. Academic Technology Ventures offers a collaborative approach where everyone wins.

Society Wins

New technologies make people’s lives easier, safer, less expensive, and more rewarding.

University & Gov. Lab Wins

They gain prominence and fame as their work goes worldwide. They earn royalties and gain research funding to help them continue to innovate.

Inventors Win

Talented people gain satisfaction, recognition and prestige as they see their years of research and genius become a reality outside of the laboratory.

Investors Win

They take early stage inventions and grow them to lucrative businesses.