Innovative Crop Solutions

The Challenge

Production and productivity improvements in agriculture and forestry are crucial to meet the global demand for food, fuel and industrial uses. Threats posed by the effects of deleterious climate change such as water deficiency, biotic and abiotic stress need to be effectively addressed.

The Solution

One of the primary methods of increasing yield is the efficient application of nitrogen. Testing has resulted in an almost 300% biomass increase and over a 60% increase in root length. This technology could be used in a diverse number of crop plants.

innovative crop solutions

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One of the primary methods of increasing crop yield is the efficient application of nitrogen. Researchers at a major university in the United States have dramatically improved a plant’s nitrogen absorption by regulating amino acid sensors. Agriculture engineers were able to drastically increase plant growth by enabling the maximum plant cell wall uptake & absorption of NITROGEN resulting in a major increase in plant size.

Key Benefits:

This process is NOT considered genetic modification by the government.

Testing has resulted in almost 300% biomass increase.

Testing has resulted in 60% + increase in root length.

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