Product Development Projects

Progressive Paint Solutions, Inc (PPS) development project:

Academic Technology Ventures (ATV) & PPS team of experts have taken a 3D prototype of an invention named, “Paint Can Sealer”, to the next level. Our desire was to fast-track this invention and move it into “retail-ready” phase.┬áTherefore, after numerous testing & engineering designs we manufactured a prototype that minimized the amount of plastic used without compromising the strength of the product.

We are thrilled to announce we’re in the final phase of development and now entering the retail market arena.


10 months of product development with US based manufacturer.


Turned 3D printed prototype into refined injection molded product that was lighter, more effective, and less costly to produce.


Company is currently in talks with Lowes and Home Depot for potential pilot sales project.

Product Display in
Benjamin Moore and Lanco Paint Stores