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Plasma Stream Technologies, Inc.

Titan Brick, Inc.

Thermo-Flex Technologies, Inc.

Known Quantity Sensors, Inc.

Data Dome , Inc.


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Official Site: http://plasmastreamtech.com

Plasma Stream has developed a patented active flow control system which utilizes plasma actuators to provide up to 18% fuel savings for tractor trailers. In 2018 new EPA regulatory targets will begin to take effect requiring transport vehicles to reduce CO2 fuel consumption by about 9%. These targets will become mandatory in 2021. Existing aerodynamic solutions lack the functionality and efficiency gains to help trucking fleets achieve these goals. There are more than 133 million total trucks in the US alone, which provides Plasma Stream with a significant market opportunity.

Key Benefits:

  • Reducing fuel costs drastically add profits to a company’s bottom line.
  • Less wind drag affecting a semi-truck or transportation will improve vehicle fuel efficiency.
  • Less horsepower will be required under the same trip conditions.

Visit http://plasmastreamtech.com to learn more about this disruptive technology. Click on image to read article

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Official Site: http://titanbrick.com

According to the US Green Building Council (USGBC) an equivalent of 200 new cities the size of Paris will be required to house an additional urban population of 2 billion people before 2030. Due to this rapid growth in urban population, strains on energy supplies are spurring an urgent demand for improved green building materials. Titan Brick offers a new concept in building with raw materials that are abundant almost everywhere (soil/clay). The process of making Titan bricks requires less energy than any other type of building material.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprised of 90% dirt yet 2 1/2 times stronger than traditional concrete blocks.
  • Withstands sustained Hurricane 5 Gale Force Winds (Tested & Confirmed in U.S. Department of Energy; Oakridge Laboratory Certified Wind Tunnels).
  • Withstands sustained F4 tornadoes 207 – 260 winds.(Tested & Confirmed in U.S. Department of Energy: Oakridge Laboratory Certified Wind Tunnels).
  • Builders can potentially make 30% to 64% more profit and receive substantial tax credits on every build.
  • Engineers tested & concluded Titan Brick can potentially provide 50% to 60% energy savings over traditional bricks.
  • Mold resistant; drastically improves inside air quality.
  • Fire proof, Termite proof, and Mildew proof.
  • Significantly lower capex compared to clay bricks.
  • Non-toxic; made from sustainable & recycled materials.
  • Uses flexible synthetic rubber adhesive to join materials. Results in faster, less-costly and superior hold to mortar.
  • $70,000 in R & D resulted in a brick with superior properties, unique integrity composites, and exceptionally green & sustainable.

Visit http://.titanbrick.com website to learn more about this disruptive building technology.

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Official Site: http://thermoflextech.com

Waste heat costs US industry more than $200 Billion per year. The majority of that waste heat is expelled through low-temperature streams which existing technologies cannot capture. Thermo-Flex has developed a novel platform thermoelectric (TE) textile technology. Thermo-Flex technology can convert this low-quality waste heat into useful electricity. Additionally, the DOE has set a target of $5/W for TE technology and Thermo-Flex’s technology has the potential to beat this target.

Key Benefits:

  • Harnesses wasted heat to generate electricity.
  • Improves energy efficiency and to realize cost savings.
  • Builds a cleaner environment for humanity.
  • Enables companies to become emissions-­free.
  • Build a less­ costly energy resource.
  • Economical in regards to current textile and printing manufacturing.
  • Provides localized power to a wide array of sensors that could be incorporated into a network used to monitor system efficiency and environmental conditions

Visit http://thermoflextech.com to learn more about this disruptive technology.


Official Site: http://kqsensors.com

KQS’s unique occupancy sensors have been proven in a field test with Bonneville Power Administration to optimize building performance (heating/cooling, lighting, product refrigeration), while reducing energy consumption. During the field test they evaluated the accuracy of KQS’s image processing in the upper 90% range, compared to 70.4% and 76.9% from two commercially available PIR sensors evaluated in an earlier study. Bonneville Power estimates that a $250K investment in KQS technology could yield $144M in energy savings, offering a $576 return for every $1 invested. Buildings consume an average of 38% of energy in most countries. 75% of that energy consumption is due to HVAC and lighting activities.

Key Benefits:

  • IPOS has demonstrated the potential to realize energy efficiency increases over 20%, compared to the use of PIR or Ultrasonic sensors.
  • Functional tests evaluated the accuracy of IPOS in the upper 90% range, compared to 70.4% & 76.9% from two commercially available PIR sensors evaluated in an earlier study.
  • IPOS vacancy time was 25.7% greater than the traditional PIR occupancy sensor model during core weekday hours, with a time delay setting of 15 minutes, an indication of greater energy savings potential.

Visit http://kqsensors.com to learn more about this disruptive technology.


Official Site: http://serverdomes.com

The modular data center market currently exceeds $10 Billion per year. Due to a rapid increase in demand for data storage, the market is expected to reach $38 Billion by 2021. The are currently 8.6 Million data centers and 43% of these data centers are already running out of space and power density.

Key Benefits:

  • Could potentially reduce construction costs per MW by $4 Million
  • Energy savings of $1.5 Million (50% energy reduction) is possible
  • Approximately 80% reduction in maintenance costs

Visit http://serverdomes.com to learn more about this disruptive technology.


NapticBio, Inc.

Patient Code Software, Inc.

Advance Muscle Technologies, Inc.

Austism DiagnosticTechnologies, Inc.

Enhanced Plasmonic Imaging, Inc.

Bio-MedPoint, Inc.


Official Site: http://napticbio.com/

NapticBio Alzheimer’s therapy combines two approved molecules that work synergistically to improve the outcome of mice genetically modified to express beta amyloid proteins, thought to be a key contributor to the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Δ9-THC, as well COX-2 are FDA approved. We have completed proof of concept pre-clinical study funded by the NIH and are preparing follow-up studies that will help us start the IND application process.

Key Benefits:

  • Δ9-THC Slows Buildup of Neural Plaques; this toxic aggregation of peptides in the neural tissue is one of the characterizing pathological markers of Alzheimer’s.
  • Δ9-THC Could Prevent Cell Death through it’s neuroprotective, anti-oxidative, and anti-apoptotic properties, thus reducing neurotoxicity caused by amyloid buildup.
  • Δ9-THC has the potential in Alzheimer’s patients to stimulate appetite, and aide in weight control, motor function and potentially reduce agitation.

Visit http://napticbio.com to learn more about this technology.


Official Site: http://patientcodesoftware.com

US hospitals are losing millions each year due to underpaid billings from Medicare and Medicaid as a result of inadequate coding of patient data. Patient Code has developed a software technology that has been fully proven in Stony Brook Hospital to save hospitals over $4 million a year from increased documentation efficiencies. The technology is also proven to potentially increase documented diagnoses by 75%. Additionally, the technology has shown to significantly increase CMI accuracy as well as decrease the amount of time necessary to identify a comorbidity by 1/3. Hospitals are especially focused on CMI numbers due to heavy penalties from Medicare and Medicaid.

Key Benefits:

  • Save hospitals up to $5 million a year from increased documentation efficiencies
  • 75% more diagnoses when compared to using physician documentation alone
  • 1/3 the amount of time necessary to identify a comorbidity
  • Significant reduction in O/E mortality rates
  • Increased accuracy of CMI resulting in additional revenue
  • Easily implemented directly within your current EHR system

Visit http://patientcodesoftware.com to learn more about this technology.



Official Site: http://advancedmuscletech.com

The global nutrition and fitness supplements market currently exceeds $65 Billion. Researchers at the University of California Davis have developed a novel method for dramatically increasing the rate of muscle growth while using all natural ingredients. The technology has been proven to potentially achieve an 80% increase in muscle gains from resistance training by suppressing a known protein from entering the muscles.

Key Benefits:

  • based on the science/pathways involved; the professors also believe it will enable a person to pack on muscle while in a caloric restrictive state (fitness experts know it’s very hard to pack on muscle while eating less or dieting)
  • The professors are very confident that it will also enable a person to pack on muscle with frequent endurance training or cardio workouts (it’s typically hard to build muscle while burning a lot of calories)

Visit http://advancedmuscletech.com the website to learn more about this disruptive sport fitness supplemental technology.



Official Site: http://autismdiagnostictechnology.com

There are an estimated 3.5 million Americans living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). the Center for Disease Control recommends all children be screened for developmental delays and disabilities at 18 and 24 months. However, the average age of diagnosis for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the US is still around 4 years of age. ADT’s disruptive technology has been proven to diagnose autism in infants as young as six months old at a >90% rate of accuracy. Three scientific studies have recently shown that with early diagnosis of ASD, when the child’s brain is more malleable and still developing circuitry, treatment can begin with increased positive outcomes.

Research scientists have developed a method of mapping brains using current technologies combined with a unique invention to compare normal brains to autistic, dyslexic, and Alzheimer’s affected brains.

Key Benefits:

  • 90%+ accuracy diagnosis of ASD as early as 6-months old
  • Technology can be expanded for use with other brain disorders and disease

Visit http://autismdiagnostictechnology.com to learn more about this technology.


Official Site: http://epimaging.com

Overview: Enhanced Plasmonic Imaging offers a novel way to detect minute amounts of bacteria and chemicals for researchers, labs, and governments’ facilities.  This technology provides a novel nano-grating structure that uses a more efficient and cost-effective surface patterning process. Instead of expensive traditional e-beam lithography techniques, this technology uses plasmonic gratings fabricated as soft/hard hybrid nano-structures. Graded nano structures produced enhancements 47 times better than flat gold.

Key Benefits:

  • Nanocone and nanogap gratingstructure offers up to 47 times enhancement over flat gold. Increases image contrast and detection.
  • Fluorescence enhancement allows lower intensity lighting to give the same or better strength signal as high-intensity illumination.
  • Detects quantities as small as a single particle
  • DNA detection at levels that negate the need for Polymerase Chain Reaction(PCR).
  • Existing fluorophores used– no new ones to develop.
  • Virus and bacteria identification without need for culturing for tests such as PSA (prostate specific antigen), tuberculosis, and breast cancer markers.
  • No probe needed to obtain images so the technology does not distort the local environment. It maintains a high level of imaging accuracy.
  • Images the entire sample at one time instead of point-by-point scanning needed to obtain the whole image with near-field scanning microscopy.
  • Lower per-unit cost of manufacturing with the potential to drop even further by leveraging methods of manufacturing at scale.

Visit http://epimaging.com to learn more about this technology.


Official Site: http://biomedpointsolutions.com

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) kills 370,000 Americans and costs the US $109 Billion each year. Currently the only way to predict a patient’s likelihood of getting heart disease is by patient history, or the Framingham Risk Score (FRS) which estimates the chances a person will have a cardiac event in the next 10 years. Unfortunately, these tests have low accuracy. There is a strong need for an improved CAD diagnostic test. Bio-MedPoint’s disruptive diagnostic has proven to be 94% accurate in identifying patients with CAD, compared to a 42% accuracy with the FRS.

Key Benefits:

  • Bio-Medpoint’s algorithms not only show evidence of the disease, they also indicate varying degrees of disease— from healthy to high probability of CAD
  • 100% more accurate than Framingham Risk Score at predicting CAD
  • Technology can leverage existing laboratory machines as retrofit module
  • Requires only a small sample of blood serum
  • Opportunity for Significant margins – approximately $7 to run each blood sample

Visit http://biomedpointsolutions.com to learn more about this technology.


Titanium Laser Tech, Inc.

Advanced Nano Adhesives, Inc.

Scientific Ceramic Engineering, Inc.


Official Site: http://titaniumlaser.com

Overview: Titanium Laser is a Hybrid Laser Cutting Tool, machining process, capable of increasing material removal rates when machining Titanium, Ceramic and its alloys. The process includes heating a portion of a work piece with a laser beam, Cryogenic-Cooling a cutting tool with a Cryogenic fluid WITHOUT flowing the Cryogenic fluid onto the work piece. Then machining the heated portion of the work piece with the cutting tool.
The Cryogenic fluid is then circulated around the cutting tool to achieve a temperature differential between the work piece and the cutting tool. A temperature differential that is capable of improving removal rates and extending tool life at cutting speeds of above 100 m/min.

Key Benefits:

  • Speed: Drastically improves removal rates at much higher cutting speeds (150 m/min or more) which is much higher than previously thought possible (conventional speeds are 60 m/min).
  • Efficiency: Hybrid machining process with a TiAlN coated tool has been proven to yield an overall increase in efficiency of ~30% and ~40%.
  • Durability: A two to three-fold increase in tool life has been demonstrated improving tool life, reducing cutting force, and improving surface finish could be achieved without any adverse effectson the microstructure and hardness of the finished parts.
  • Costs Reduction: Excessive tool wear and high tooling costs of diamond tools, TiAlN coated carbide cutting tool, and ceramic inserts make the cost associated with machining of these composites very high.

Visit http://titaniumlaser.com to learn more about this disruptive manufacturing technology.



Official Site: http://nanoadhesivetech.com

The North American wood panel industry produces around $16 billion worth of product, including $2.2 billion in exports each year. Advanced Nano Adhesives, Inc. (ANA) has developed a novel resin technology that has been shown to decrease the density of OSB wood panels by 9.60%, which could lead to an industry savings of $10.50 per m3 of OSB and approximately $370 million each year in the US alone.

Key Benefits:

  • Lowers resin loading levels which could lead to significantly reduced production costs
  • Reduces product swelling due to moisture, a highly sought after quality in premium OSB products
  • Has the ability to produce a lighter and stronger product

Visit http://Nanoadhesivetech.com to learn more about this disruptive building construction technology.

wood nano tech


Official Site: http://scientificcim.com

The global advanced ceramics market is valued at over $56 Billion. SCE has developed a disruptive engineered ceramic slurry as well as a rapid precision molding technique. The process minimizes infrastructure cost, delivers parts up to 36 weeks sooner, and enables the production of complex geometries. Mold costs on cores typically range from $75K to $250K depending on part size and complexity. SCE has shown the ability to produce production quality tooling for $3K to $50K depending on part size and complexity.

Key Benefits:

  • Parts can be ready for casting 8 to 36 weeks earlier than the current standard processes
  • SCE set times are 18 to 72 hours with the ability to achieve 5 to 15 minutes with further development

Visit http://scientificcim.com/to learn more about this technology.



Predictive Aviation Analytics, Inc.
Reign Interactive, Inc.

Official Site: http://predictiveaviation.com

Overview: Predictive Aviation Analytics software helps airlines avoid catastrophic crashes and imminent breakdowns. This saves passenger lives, improves airplane performance, and helps maintain on-time schedules while avoiding aircraft electronic failures that cause flight delays, diverts, and flight cancellations. Predictive Aviation Analytics is the solution to this $40 billion annual problem. It is next generation disruptive technology because it immediately collects all in-flight sensor data plus Flight Data Recorder (FDR) information and analyzes all data “post-flight” whereas current antiquated systems flag problems only if a certain value exceeds a pre-programmed threshold. It is considered “Intelligent Software” because it uses Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to enable the computer to “learn” from repeated usage. It analyzes data to learn “What is normal?”, and “What is a high probability component failure?” This feature can potentially save airlines thousands of dollars daily including millions in legal liability claims if a disaster occurs.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces maintenance costs and reduces Cutting Controllable Maintenance delays by up to 42%.
  • In tests, Predictive Aviation Analytics diagnosed more potential problems then current maintenance systems by up to 70% using only 1.33% of available in-flight data.
  • No expensive avionics hardware installation necessary.
  • In-flight data is sent conveniently via mobile devices and uploaded onto central command servers via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, cellular networks, or satellite.
  • Reports pilot practices that may lead to engine or structural problems.
  • Reduces repair time by reducing traditional diagnostic.Increases safety by reducing air emergencies through advanced notification.

Visit http://predictiveaviation.com website to learn more about this technology.



Official Site: http://reigninteractive.com/

Overview: Reign Interactive’s unparalleled innovation takes cloud gaming to the next level. It increases user experience while reducing costs for cloud hosts of single and massive multiplayer games. Today’s gamers insist on a high-tech experience. As more gaming moves to phones and hand-held devices, gamers may not have the power or ability for video streaming, video decoding, encoding, and the power needed to make it happen. So they turn to the cloud.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce end-to-end delay by 11%
  • Increase game fairness in multiplayer games by 45% on average
  • Reduce delay variation by 13.5%
  • Decrease required bit rate by 25%
  • Increase encoding acceleration by 24%
  • Decrease cloud power consumption by 54%
  • Reduces jitter

Visit http://reigninteractive.com/ to learn more about this Technology.


Innovative Crop Solutions, Inc.
Biologic Insecticide, Inc.

The Challenge

Production and productivity improvements in agriculture and forestry are crucial to meet the global demand for food, fuel and industrial uses. Threats posed by the effects of deleterious climate change such as water deficiency, biotic and abiotic stress need to be effectively addressed.

The Solution

One of the primary methods of increasing yield is the efficient application of nitrogen. Testing has resulted in an almost 300% biomass increase and over a 60% increase in root length. This technology could be used in a diverse number of crop plants.

innovative crop solutions

Official Site: http://newcropscience.com

Seeds coated with this patented technology germinated faster, some germinating in a day. By day three, 50% of the coated soybeans had germinated as opposed to only 25% on the control group. So crops grow faster.

And the technology increases the chances that more seeds will germinate. In six days, 90% of the corn seeds germinated compared to only 75% of the untreated seeds. This is good news for crops with a low level of seed germination.

Seeds also increased their water uptake by nearly 50% – a great benefit in water deficit areas.

The technology can be applied as a spray over the soil after the seeds are planted. It has been proven effective on a variety of plants.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased plant yield by 63-100%
  • up to 50% increase in flowering
  • over 100% increase in seed germination rates
  • increased speed of germination
  • increased water uptake by nearly 50%

Visit http://newcropscience.com to learn more about this Technology.

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 5.56.23 AM

Official Site: http://biologicinsecticide.com

Studies from a major university examined a variety of sweeteners and found an ingredient in one that is toxic to pests. This naturally occurring ingredient FDA approved and appears in several commercially sold non-nutritive sweetener. This Bait Sweetener ingredient can kill 100% of the flies tested in less than three days— far shorter than the 30-60 days flies normally live.

While most non-nutritive sweeteners had no effect on the pests, our Bait Sweetener had a dramatic impact. And the pests chose this sweetener when given a choice of foods to eat.

Key Benefits:

  • A naturally occurring ingredientthat is considered food-safe.
  • Non-toxic to adults, children and petsso bait traps can be placed even in areas where children and pets play.
  • Comes in a variety of forms— liquid, powder, gel or spray— so it can adapt to your location and be placed in hard-to-reach spots.
  • Keeps pest alive long enough to carry the bait back to their nests and eliminate them at the source of the problem.
  • Selectively kills only harmful bugs. Biologic Insecticide, Inc. combines the bait with foods favored by pests but not by helpful insects.  Thus, just the bad bugs will eat it and the beneficial insects are unharmed.

Visit http://biologicinsecticide.com to learn more about this disruptive technology.


Beauty Code Genetics, Inc.
Progressive Paint Solutions, Inc.

Official Site: http://beautycodegenetics.com

Beauty Code Genetics looks at the specific markers that affect skin pigmentation along with global population markers and environmental interactions. Beauty Code’s technology opens the door for establishing a proprietary database that would revolutionize color matching in the beauty industry. The US color cosmetics industry is worth $10 Billion of a $202 Billion cosmetics market. 70% of women claim they cannot find their exact commercial foundation shade. 94% of women use the wrong foundation shade. 85% of women in the US have purchased different foundations more than once. The industry is struggling to launch successful new products and therefore needs a more personalized approach. There is no existing personalized foundation product, based on consumer genetics, currently being marketed by a leading cosmetic company.

Key Benefits:

  • 90 DNA markers have been identified for the skin. Lab tests show these distinct markers best characterize both skin color genes and geographic ancestry markers
  • Enables fast genotyping of multiple samples because of the moderate number of markers needed to obtain results
  • Determines the underlying genetic coloring and it also reveals skin characteristics such as oily or dry, rough or smooth
  • Formulas can be adjusted for specific environments, creating blends for all seasons

Visit http://beautycodegenetics.com to learn more about this disruptive technology.


Official Site: http://paintcancloser.com

With the New Paint Can Closer, it’s a snap… or a tap. One tap with a hammer and the can is safely and securely sealed! That’s it. No mess, no problems, just a tight, secure seal. Each time. Every time. Saves time and saves money. It works on both quart and gallon paint cans. It also includes a paint can opener in a secure, out-of-the way slot, so you can always find your paint can opener.

Key Benefits:

  • One punch seals paint cans tightly.
  • Small, lightweight, convenient size.
  • Save time, money and hassle
  • Splash guard incorporated to avoid mess
  • Free paint can opener included

Visit http://paintcancloser.com to learn more about this new invention.

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